Lazpiur 100 years

Forging dies


Forging dies are used in open die forging on ferrous or non-ferrous materials such as brass, titanium, aluminium, etc. Working temperature depends directly from the material to be forged, as well as the material of the forging tool. In some applications, the die form is not machined on the tooling steel but the cavity is welded with a special material such as Stellite, Capilla, etc.

These processes cannot achieve the same production levels as hot forging but reach fairly high automation levels thanks to the use of robots and industrial handlers. This type of process typically produces parts of certain volume and weight and irregular shapes, such as crack-shafts, connecting rods, support arms for the automotive sector, fittings for the petrol industry, brass valve body, titanium implants, etc.

As all the above-mentioned are later machined, manufacturing tolerances are not very high.

Lazpiur has a wealth of experience in machining this type of parts offering surface finishes which will undoubtedly extend the life of tooling.