Lazpiur 100 years


Lazpiur has always been closely linked to technology. After its establishment at the beginning of the 20th century, the company founder, José Lazpiur Aguirrebalzategui acquired machinery from the USA which revolutionised the market at the time.

The arrival of Miguel Lazpiur to the company reinforced the commitment to innovation. The first patent was registered in 1964. Since then, the company has progressed to up to twenty proprietary patents of in-house inventions.

The company R&D reputation is also due to on-going co-operation with IK4 technology and Tecnalia platforms (I LEFT LINKS IN SPANISH).

Evidence of Lazpiur setting trends in the sector is the invitation received in July 2014 for the company to exhibit innovative ideas expected in forthcoming years in the field of forging tooling at the International Forging Congress (ICF) held in Berlin.

Lazpiur patents

  • 1964. Advancement in pointing or sharpening machines.
  • 1975. Part feeding device for threading machines.
  • 1990. Automatic head for inserting connection bridges in printed circuit boards.
  • 1997. Advancement in the construction of heads to insert lugs, small panel terminals, and similar.
  • 1997. Perfecting component inserting machines.
  • 2006. Automatic head for inserting small panel terminals in printed circuit boards.
  • 2006. Automatic cutting head, power supply and insertion of lugs in printed circuit boards.
  • 2006. Key grooving machines.
  • 2006. Dimensional control equipment.
  • 2006. Machine for special cable machining for cars.
  • 2006. Automatic head for inserting small panel terminals in printed circuit boards.
  • 2007. Insertion head for pins of different lengths.
  • 2009. Machine for forming and welding gas pipelines.
  • 2010. Dimensional control equipment.
  • 2013. MDF board laser-cutting machine.
  • 2013. MDF strap laser-cutting device.