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MQB line

MQB line

General characteristics

Semiautomatic line designed for pin insertion into PCBs, in-circuit test, de-panelling of circuit boards, housing mounting, functional test and labelling of the signal distributor.

Line is configured by:

  • Inlet conveyor.
  • Automatic Press-fit terminal insertion machine.
  • Automatic In-circuit test machine (ICT).
  • No Ok parts storing buffer.
  • Semiautomatic station for PCB depaneling by cutting knife.
  • Manual station for PCB into Housing assembly.
  • Semiautomatic station for functional test ( 10 parts in parallel)
  • Double station for finished product labeling.
  • Climatic chamber for functional test at different temperatures.

Production rate: 9,5 sec/part.
Traceability system


83m2 occupied area.