Lazpiur 100 years

40 way connector assembly machine (for the automotive section)

Máquina de montar conectores de 40 vías

Características generales

The machine is designed to automatically insert 0.62X0.62 pins in the 40 way connectors.

  • Automatic connector feed via vibrator system.
  • Automatic pin feed from the roll.
  • Selecting and positioning connectors.
  • Artificial vision for controlling and verifying pin length and the presence of the same.
  • A station in charge of selecting the good and the bad parts.
  • Completely automatic operation.

Características Técnicas

Cycle time: 5.4 sec. approximately.


  • Peso: 2800 kg.
  • Longitud: 4700
  • Anchura: 2680
  • Altura: 2020