Lazpiur 100 years



General characteristics


Machine designed for Press-fit and/or Through-hole component insertion.

Machine is running in automatic mode:


  • Polyvalent, quick head changing possibility.

  • In-line configuration (off-line configuration is also optional).

  • Automatic reel feeding system.

  • High speed insertion, up to less than 0.2 seconds per insertion.

  • Force measuring system.

  • Possible to insert 2 by 2.

  • Vision system for insertion point auto-correction, using fidutials or holes.

  • PCB thickness measuring system and insertion stroke auto-correction.

  • 1, 2 or 3 insertion heads possibility.

  • X-Y table driven by linear servomotors.


Technical characteristics

Production rate

  • depends on the number of terminals to be inserted and the pitch between them (from 0,16 sec/terminal till 0,35 sec/terminal)


  • Length: 2500mm (with 3 heads)

  • Width: 1800mm

  • Height: 1800mm