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Begitech ECD dimensional checking equipment

Begitech ECD dimensional checking equipment

General characteristics

Designed for checking part dimensions using high resolution vision, ideal for the inspection of first-off parts, samples or for the statistical control of production parts.

The machine operates automatically.

  • Manual part loading/unloading.
  • Digital vision system on network.
  • Windows based software adapted for industry.
  • Simple programming system.
  • Light immune to external light contamination (reflections, glare, etc.).
  • Stable system. Is not affected by electromagnetic interference.
  • High definition optical inspection.
  • Unlimited storage capacity.
  • Instantaneous reference change.
  • Analysis type:
    • Diameters and lengths.
    • Threads (fillets, thread pitch, thread angle, outer diameter, inner diameter).
    • Angles.
    • Concentricity.
    • Perpendicularity.
    • Radii.
    • Bleed screws.
    • Tips


Technical characteristics

  • Part length up to 150 and Ø 35
  • Accuracy ±10 µc


  • Weight: 80 kg
  • Length: 950
  • Width: 500
  • Height: 805



  • Motor driven part rotation and tailstock.
  • Integration into the company's IT system.