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Begitech MRT screw inspection machine

Begitech MRT screw inspection machine

General characteristics

The machines operates fully automatically and carries out the following operations:

  • Automatic screw/stud feeding.
  • Control of external lateral geometry.
  • Diameters and lengths.
    • Threads (fillets, thread pitch, thread angle, outer diameter, inner diameter).
    • Angles.
    • Radii.
    • Bleed screws.
    • Tips.
  • Inspection of the head shape by means of an upper camera (seating shape, side milling on the head, large cracks in the head).
  • Seating presence (torx, hexagonal, etc.) by means of vertical vision, broaching of faces.
  • Damage to thread over 360° and concentricity of the part over 360° by vision, with a part rotation system.
  • Seating depth check (torx, hexagon, etc.) by means of a mechanical system
  • Drilling and tapping of transverse hole.
  • Detection of cracks by means of an induced current system.


Technical characteristics

Up to 700 parts/minute with vision and continuous operation. Production depends on the part feed and the inspections to be carried out on the parts.

Up to 150 parts/minute with activated Eddy Current and/or Seating Depth.

Up to 90 parts/minute with 360° inspection activated. Production: 650-900 parts/hours.


  • Weight:
    • The control machine 800 kg
    • Feed system or vibrator 700 kg
    • Packaging system 150 kg
  • Length: 5600
  • Width: 3800
  • Height: 2000



  • Double output packaging system.
  • Feeding system by vibrator or lifting system.