Lazpiur 100 years

Household appliances

Machine to weld heating bodyPressure cooker welding machine

Designed to weld the bottom of pressure cookers by hot welding.

Machine to weld heating body

Designed to weld the different elbows, tubes, connectors and the chamber radiator.

Machine to weld tubes and flanges to the bottom of the boiler drum

Designed to weld tubes and flanges in the bottom of the boiler drum.

Machine for cleaning electromagnetic groups

For the continuous cleaning of electromagnetic groups; incorporates a drying system

Máquina automática de limpieza de armaduras

Designed for automated framing cleaning through successive cleaning processes with water+soap, ultrasounds and further drying in furnace.

Thermocoupler mounting line

Designed for fully automated mounting of thermocouplers, featuring feeding processes and copper thread cutting from the coil, board mounting and welding, etc.