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Lazpiur supplies Yazaki México with a line to mount relays and fuses on General Motors automobiles

The Basque company has supplied the Japanese multinational with machines to set General Motors project C1 in motion; a project used for the manufacture of various of the American brand's models.

Bergara (Gipuzkoa), 8 January 2015

Lazpiur has delivered to the multinational company Yazaki in Mexico a line to mount relays and fuses on General Motors automobiles. This is a fully automated line which makes use of state-of-the-art technology, including artificial vision, functional testing equipment, stress measuring systems,.... enabling the Japanese company to improve their performance and the quality of their products.
The Lazpiur-supplied line forms a part of General Motors project C1; a platform used to manufacture a number of the North American multinational's models.
The Lazpiur line caters for various fuse types and also verifies that the fuses and relays are mounted properly. The Basque firm boasts experience in this field.
Lazpiur already works for 25 countries and is currently undergoing expansion. The company designs and manufactures forging precision tooling and machinery. These are two separate divisions, which are primarily concentrated on supplying multinationals such as Ford, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Tier-1 suppliers like Lear, Delphi, Continental, GKN, NTN...

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