Lazpiur 100 years

Lazpiur delivers the first glass plate fastener inspection machines to Step (France) and Industrias Gol (Spain)

Both machines incorporate state-of-the-art non-contact measuring technology, operating at high production rates.

Lazpiur's latest solution was first presented at the recent Fastener Fair Turkey.

Bergara (Gipuzkoa), 27 January 2015

Industrias Gol (part of the Alfa Group, from Spain) and the French company, Step are the first to purchase these new fasteners inspection machines which incorporate state-of-the-art non-contact ensuring technology, operating at high production rates.

This is a Begitech GRT model type machine fitted with a glass plate which the fasteners being controlled are positioned on. Lazpiur first presented this at the recent Fastener Fair Turkey, now coming full circle as the Basque Country based company offers the entire range of this type of machines. This machine, along with the others in the same family, is designed to meet the "zero defect" demand imposed by leading automobile manufacturers. The only company to provide this entire range on the market is Lazpiur.

With Gol and Step purchasing this new machine, both companies are able to improve both the quality and capacity of the controls performed on the parts they produce, primarily delivered to the automotive industry. Accordingly, they are able to meet their customers' strictest requirements.

The latest delivered machines are rotary with a glass plate. They are fitted with a set of inspection stations with 5 Mpix high resolution cameras and telecentric lenses for high precision dimension control. They are also fitted with "frontlight" and “backlight" 5 Mpix high resolution cameras for surface defect inspection.

A new feature is the addition of a 360º defect inspection station (thread defects, marks...) which operate at rapid (continuous) speeds. They are also fitted with another heat treatment inspection station, with eddy current technology-based devices, for specific families of parts.

The machines operate at high production rates whereby as many as 400 parts can be controlled per minute. This type of machinery is most widely used in the screw making and precision turning sectors. The machine was developed in conjunction with the technological centre IK4-Tekniker.

Lazpiur, having celebrated its centennial year in 2014, works for 25 countries and is currently undergoing expansion. The company works in two separate divisions: forging precision tooling and designs and manufactures machinery. Both are mainly concentrated on supplying multinationals such as Ford, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Tier-1 suppliers like Lear, GKN, NTN, etc.


For further information, please contact Eduardo Ortiz de Arri via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone +34 647 770052.