Lazpiur 100 years

Miguel Lazpiur receives an award from Eurogap for his business career

The Managing Director of Lazpiur has been recognised for defending human values in industry.



Bergara (Gipuzkoa), 17th April 2015

Miguel Lazpiur, the Managing Director of Lazpiur SA, yesterday received a recognition from Eurogap, a company specialising in strategic and operational marketing, at a ceremony at the Kursaal congress centre in San Sebastián. This award highlights the career and values of this businessman from Gipuzkoa.
Miguel Lazpiur follows in the distinguished footsteps of Antonio Cancelo, the ex-president of Mondragon and founder of Eroski, who won the award last year. The prize was handed over by Enrique Larumbe, president of Eurogap, who underlined the human values displayed throughout his career in the Bergara company, as well as the jobs that were saved, even at the height of the crisis, due to the innovative spirit shown in making the company more participative for its workers.
The award was a small sculpture by the artist Sebas Larrañaga, and symbolises the coming together of people. The event was held during the XII Eurogap Forum. After presenting the award to Lazpiur, those attending were able to hear speeches by the writers Carmen and Gervasio Posadas, who passed on some tricks on how to write and speak in public. It involved applying some literary formulas in business communication and thus improving their projection abroad through the written and spoken word. The conference was attended by about 750 leading marketing professionals from the Basque Country and Navarre.
As well as remaining at the helm of the family business together with his brother Agustín, Miguel Lazpiur served as president of the Basque Employers Association, Confebask, between 2005 and 2011. He was also vice president of the Gipuzkoa Employers Association, ADEGI, and the Spanish Confederation of Employers' Organisations, CEOE.
Last year, Lazpiur celebrated the centennial of its founding by the grandfather of the current directors. It has gone from shoemaking in the early twentieth century to becoming the leader in forging tooling and machinery engineering applications. It exports 80% of its production to 25 countries, supplying to recognized manufacturing names such as Mercedes, Volkswagen and Ford among its customers.

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