Lazpiur 100 years

Lazpiur secures a new patent, marking a breakthrough in component insertion machines

New heads have been developed whereby two contact pins can be inserted simultaneously, halving the time required for component insertion.

Lazpiur already possesses some twenty certificates in recognition of their R&D endeavours.



Bergara (Gipuzkoa), 15th June 2015

Lazpiur has secured a new patent, yet another to add to the more than 20 patents the company already secured in recognition of their commitment to innovation. The Spanish Office of Patents and Trademarks (OEPM) has certified the Basque company's advances, on developing a new head which marks a significant breakthrough in the field of component insertion machines.

Specifically, the patent Lazpiur has secured relates to machines used to insert contact pins on printed circuits, and similar items. It had not been possible to insert two pins at the same time with the insertion heads the Basque company had developed to date. In other words, one component was inserted and, upon completion of said procedure, another was fed and inserted. This newly patented head allows for the simultaneous insertion of two pins.

This invention speeds up the process, almost halving the time involved. Two pins can be inserted at the same time using this head whereby, if 4 or 5 pins were previously inserted in one second, 8 to 10 can now be inserted in the same time.
Lazpiur has been working on this breakthrough for quite some time. An early version was shown at the Productronica fair held in Munich (Germany) in November 2013. The OEMP has validated the innovation now, this past May. The company has already begun selling insertion machines with the new patent.
The company, with head offices in Bergara (Gipuzkoa) has always had strong ties with technology. Their first patent was recorded in 1964 and, since then, they have continued in the same fashion, now possessing some twenty home-grown patents. The firms R&D prestige is down to permanent collaboration with the technological platforms IK4 and Tecnalia.


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