Lazpiur 100 years

Lazpiur is a finalist in the ‘Somos Empresa’ (We Are a Business) awards of Banco Popular, El País and SER

The Basque firm has been nominated in the 'We Inspire' category, which highlights small companies track records.

A total of 516 Spanish companies were submitted for the awards.



Bergara (Gipuzkoa), 2th September 2015

Lazpiur is one of the finalists in the "Somos Empresa" awards promoted by Banco Popular in association with the newspaper El País and Cadena SER. One of the 516 proposed companies, this Basque company has been one of the four selected by the jury in the 'We Inspire' category, which values the track record of companies which have been in operation for over 15 years and which are considered to be a laudable example of commitment to corporate excellence.
This is the first edition of the awards, consisting of six categories and aimed at small companies: –'We are innovators', 'We are international', 'We are conciliators', 'We are sustainable', 'We are the future', 'We inspire'. The awards will be presented on the 2nd of October in the Royal Theatre of Madrid, in a ceremony in which the Basque conductor Inma Shara will direct the orchestra playing at the gala.
The candidate companies must meet a series of requirements that guarantee their status as small companies, such as having a workforce of less than 250 persons and an annual income of under 50 million euros, having a registered address in Spain and with no large companies holding majority stakes.
Lazpiur, which celebrated its centennial year last year, was founded by the grandfather of the current managers (Miguel and Agustín Lazpiur). It is a family company which has gone from shoemaking in the early twentieth century to becoming the leader in forging tooling and machinery engineering applications. It exports 80% of its production to 25 countries, supplying to recognised manufacturing names such as Mercedes, Volkswagen and Ford among its customers.
As well as remaining at the helm of the family business together with his brother Agustín, Miguel Lazpiur served as president of the Basque Employers Association, Confebask, between 2005 and 2011. He was also vice president of the Gipuzkoa Employers Association, ADEGI, and the Spanish Confederation of Employers' Organisations, CEOE.
The video portraying Lazpiur's candidacy can be seen by pressing here.



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