Lazpiur 100 years

Valeo orders two machines from Lazpiur for vehicle headlight deburring and varnishing

The two new orders will be delivered to the plants operated by the French multinational in Wuhu (China) and Timisoara (Romania).

The relationship was formed between these two companies a decade ago, resulting in 13 machines being supplied by the Basque firm.


Bergara (Gipuzkoa), 15th October 2015

The multinational company Valeo has once again placed its trust in the quality and services provided by Lazpiur, with an order placed for two new machines for their plants in Wuhu (China) and Timisoara (Romania). These are complex machines used to debur and varnish vehicle headlights. Valeo is the international leader in said sector.

Lazpiur's machines are fitted with robots that are able to remove burs, sharp edges and plastic impurities that cover the vehicle headlights. Once this has been performed, the machine completes the cleaning and varnishing process of the parts as well as the 'curing' process using ultraviolet lights.

Valeo's relationship with Lazpiur dates back a decade. Over that time, the Basque firm has supplied 13 machines for various plants around the world. Last year Lazpiur also supplied an industrial furnace to the multinational's Martos plant (Jaén, Spain).

Valeo is a multinational which specialises in the design, production and sales of components, integrated systems and modules for the automotive industry. The multinational operates 128 plants, 21 research centres and 40 development centres, with a workforce in excess of 80,000 in 29 countries. It owns industrial plants in Spain in Madrid, in the capital and in Fuenlabrada, in Martos (Jaén), in Zaragoza and in Martorellas (Barcelona).


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