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Lazpiur to showcase its forging tool manufacturing technology at Hannover Messe

The company from Bergara is the leader in this niche of the German market, globally second only to China and also the most dedicated to 4.0 industry.

Lazpiur will be exhibiting in a prominent location in Hall 4, Stand G12, under the coordination of Bilbao's Chamber of Commerce, and as part of their entire range, they will be showcasing state of the art precision tooling for cold forging.

Hannover Messe will take place from today to 28th April, playing host to more than 6,500 exhibitors from over 70 different countries, and an estimated 5.6 million business contacts are expected to attend.


Bergara (Gipuzkoa), 24th April 2017

Hannover Messe is the most important exhibition worldwide, which this year will take place from today to the 28th of April. Amongst the 6,500 exhibitors hailing from over 70 different countries, with the attendance of some of the largest corporations in the world, there is a place for SMEs such as Lazpiur, which, despite its size, is the leading company in the specialist niche of forging tools in the German market. What separates Lazpiur from the rest is the fact that it boasts a complete range comprehensive of wear tooling to standard tooling, through to reverse engineering.
The Guipuzcoa-based company will attend Hannover, home to the second most influential forging sector market globally. Lazpiur will attend the fair as a benchmark supplier of forging tools in Germany, predominantly targeted at the automobile industry. Hence, this fair provides an opportunity to showcase its wide range of products.
As has been the case in previous editions, Lazpiur will be showcasing its latest products. But most importantly, it will be attending in the light of their most recent achievements: the company has made technological advances to improve flexibility, both in terms of production capacity and tooling quality. With the latest investment made this year, the company has successfully cut delivery times without affecting reliability, accordingly producing complete prototyping tooling sets in 4 weeks.

Cutting-edge technology products
This year, Lazpiur exhibits the new generation of punches and dies for the manufacturing of gears and splines. These are higher quality, cutting-edge technology products.
Lazpiur will be exhibiting in Hannover in cooperation with Bilbao's Chamber of Commerce in Hall 4 (Stand G12) devoted to industrial subcontracting. The company, with headquarters in Gipuzkoa, will have a prominent 16 sq. m area on an excellent location by some of the forging industry multinationals such as GKN, HAY or HBS. Some of them are the company's customers whilst others are potential customers.
This year's edition of Hannover Messe will play host to over 6,500 exhibitors hailing from over 70 different countries. It covers a wide range of sectors and activities such as energy, automation, R&D, etc. And is particularly committed to the 4.0 industry, a field that Lazpiur ventured into various years ago.
Lazpiur is a recognised brand in Germany as a result of last year's invitation to the International Forging Congress (IFCE) held in Berlin, where the Basque company was the only keynote speaker of the tooling industry worldwide.
Lazpiur stands out in the company's sector through a wide range of products, including not only wear tooling (punches, dies, ejectors, open dies, shear knives, etc.) but also larger standard tooling such as wedges, blocks, frames and die plates.
The company from Bergara operates in more than 25 countries, and supplies companies like Mercedes, Volkswagen or Ford, in addition to Tier-1 suppliers such as GKN, Hirschvogel, FAG and HAY Group.


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