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Lazpiur and Miguel Altuna Lanbide Heziketa vocational training school collaborate for combined school and apprenticeship scheme

Bergara, Gipuzkoa, 11 September 2017

Dual education is now a reality in the Basque Country. Miguel Altuna Lanbide Heziketa and Lazpiur, two Bergara-based organisations with an extensive and renowned background in the industrial sector, have entered into an agreement for students at the Vocational Training Institution to perform work placements at the Guipuzcoa-based company over the course of this year. As a result of this agreement, 5 students are already working at Lazpiur in parallel to studying their training course.

This new collaboration between both organisations is of significant advantage for all parties involved. On the one hand, the students combine studies with professional experience. Their experience in the company helps them put their studies into practice and, in most cases, provides them with their first real contact with the work environment. It also offers them the possibility of continuing to work at the company.

This marks the first time Lazpiur has worked on an endeavour such as this with the Bergara Vocational Training School. The agreement allows the company to attune the students to their company culture and working methods. Of the five students who are studying under this Dual Vocational Training scheme at the company, four are working in production whilst another is working in administration. The students who take part in this dual training scheme receive a salary and pay Social Security contribution.

For the company, “This is an extremely important step”, explains Aroa Agirrezabal. "We have seen how this provides students with a wealth of experience. And it is a first step towards entering the working world. From a company's perspective, we are converting students into workers. Everything they learn they can put into practice with us. On our part, we gain the benefit of educating these workers in our philosophy, our working methods, allowing them to find out about our company. We are able to convey all of these things to them”.

For Miguel Altuna Lanbide Heziketa, this agreement marks an important step in their efforts to provide students with the possibility of combining their training at the education institution and working in a benchmark company where they will enrich their knowledge and gain experience in a real working environment.

European Project

Miguel Altuna Lanbide Heziketa is currently taking part in the VETriangle scheme, which aims to close the gap between companies' demand for qualified personnel and education offer integrated in the Dual Training system.

Over the course of these next week, the school will welcome participants taking part in this project in Bergara, who will be visiting from Turkey, Germany, Lithuania and Poland. These partners will get the chance to discover, first hand, the progress the Miguel Altuna Lanbide Heziketa students are making, and a visit is scheduled for tomorrow at the Lazpiur headquarters, to gain an insight of the work at the company.

Miguel Altuna and Lazpiur

Miguel Altuna Lanbide Heziketa, the Bergara-based Vocational Training Centre founded in 1928, has provided Dual Training since 2012. In the Administration, Electricity and Electronics, Mechanical Manufacturing, Mechatronics and Forging (both cold and hot) sectors, this year finds 49 students having opted for the dual Vocational Training scheme in 28 companies operating in said sectors.

Lazpiur, a family-run company based in Bergara and founded 102 years ago, manufactures three types of machinery: Electronic Machines; Fastener Inspection Machines; and Tailor-made Machines. In addition, the company also produces precision forging tooling. The company operates in 25 countries.

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