Lazpiur 100 years

Fraunhofer invites Lazpiur to its headquarters in Chemnitz (Germany) to promote their technological relationship

This year has seen the Basque company take another step further as an international benchmark company by supplying precision tooling for a partnering project between the largest technological centre in Europe and the multinational company Schuler.


Chemnitz, Germany, 25th October 2017

Fraunhofer, the largest technological centre in Europe, intends to promote its technological partnering with Lazpiur. The director of the Forging Technology and Tool Machine (IWU) division of the German company, Dirk Langrebe, received today at the Chemnitz headquarters, representation of the company to forge new ways by which to strengthen their emerging relationship.

This year, the German company has assigned Lazpiur to carry out a project that consolidates it as an international benchmark. This involved supplying all tooling for a joint project between two of the largest names, internationally speaking, in the forging sector (Schuler) and the technology sector (Fraunhofer Institut) for the American automotive industry.

Lazpiur successfully fulfilled this order to supply highly accurate tooling, for a large press. The press was manufactured by Schuler, the leading company in the plastic and metal forging equipment sector. With a workforce of 5,200, it operates in 40 different countries and is part of the Austrian multinational Andritz. This project has consolidated Lazpiur in their position as a strategic supplier for this company, which has been Lazpiur's business partner on a number of occasions.

The other most significant part of the project has been headed up by Fraunhofer IWU, which has been responsible for the technological development of the press. This centre forms a part of the largest European technological centre, with a total of 67 research units and sites with a total workforce of 24,000. The Fraunhofer IWU division alone boasts a workforce of more than 600.

This marks the first time Lazpiur and Fraunhofer Institut will work in collaboration. The success of this experience has opened the door to a closer relationship between the two companies. The Basque company's CEO, Miguel Lazpiur, has attended, together with the forging toolings head of sales, Ainhoa Ondarra. Both were extremely grateful for the invitation of Fraunhofer's Director for them to visit the Chemnitz headquarters and they believe that "today's visit can open the door to a new stage in our collaboration within the technological sector which will help both parties remain at the cutting edge in terms of the latest forging tooling technological trends”.

It must also be taken into account that the Lazpiur tooling division holds a strong standing in Germany, the European country which dominates this sector. This project for Fraunhofer and Schuler, further demonstrates the Basque company's prestige in the market, in terms of the production of cold, warm and hot forging tooling.

Two years ago, Lazpiur was the only tooling manufacturer in the world to be invited to take part in the International Forging Congress held in Berlin. The same was the case at the Glasgow Congress held last year.

The toolings which Lazpiur produce stand out for their accuracy and cost savings they entail for their customers in manufacturing, which can be of special interest in the automotive sector.


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