Lazpiur 100 years


This is a recognition of the Basque company's track record as an "example in the pursue of business excellence", among a total of 516 candidates.

These awards, sponsored by Banco Popular, El País and Cadena SER, have been handed over in a ceremony in the Teatro Real in Madrid.




The Basque firm has been nominated in the 'We Inspire' category, which highlights small companies track records.

A total of 516 Spanish companies were submitted for the awards.



The Basque company has made recent advances in the manufacture of tooling for cold forging, which, due to its precision, leads the final user to significant saving in manufacturing costs.

Lazpiur is consolidating itself as a benchmark in the sector, after being last year the only manufacturer of forging tools invited to the IFC in Berlin.



The Basque company has been invited by the University of Strathclyde to address the keys to extend tooling life and therefore reduce tooling costs.

Lazpiur has recently made significant developments in the cool forging tooling manufacture which set new standards in this industry.


New heads have been developed whereby two contact pins can be inserted simultaneously, halving the time required for component insertion.

Lazpiur already possesses some twenty certificates in recognition of their R&D endeavours.